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March 23, 2004


Mark Beck

Hi! I was thinking of your post today when I came across this link for Peeps! http://www.justborn.com/products/peeps.html


I have already bought my Cadbury Eggs, but am saving them for a special occasion such as it being a Wednesday. In March. I also wholeheartedly agree that the originals are the way to go.


Ewww, ewww! I stood in front of a display of Russell Stover coconut nests just LAST NIGHT and miraculously resisted! I shall have one, though. It will be mine...oh yes, it will be mine.

karen munro

Why can you only find the russell stover coconut nest durning Easter. Do the sell them any other time and where


THEY SELL COCONUT NESTS OTHER TIMES! You can get them at halloween with orange and black jelly beans - they are called like spooky nests. You can get them at valentines too - they are called love nests, they are harder to find though. You can also get king sized ones!!!!


Where O where have all the BUTTER BON coconut nests gone? Only CVS near me had them, and now they don't this year!


i wouldn't have stumbled upon this post without your mention this morning, but now I feel compelled to say:
Marshmellow Eggs. AKA Panned Eggs. mmmmm sugar coated sugar! LOVE them.


sorry, but you're wrong! the absolute best (and most disgustingly solid sugar) are the brightly colored candy eggs with thick marshmallow inside. They're hard to find these days, but I always need to find and devour one bag...


I contacted Russell Stover and was told different things by different people answering the phone. The latest is that they are discontinuing the coconut bonbon nests! I am sad!!! I never even knew thay made them at Halloween and V-day! Grrrrr!


Well, I figured out how to make the Russell Stover Easter coconut butter bonbon nests myself! I got some good quality white chocolate, melted it, stirred in 2 drops of butter flavored candy oil and added some "decimated" (which is finely ground, unsweetened) coconut. Stirred it up and added about 2T of cold water to harden it up and make it moldable. Pressed in a few jelly beans, and done! Took all of 10 minutes total!!

Made about 23 nests for $5.oo, plus $1.30 for the bottle of butter flavor (you could get by without it) which would flavor a dozen batches easily.

Russell Stovers won't be getting my money anymore! :)


Cocnut Nests are my favorite but they've changed them this year. They taste more like a Hershey's Krackle bar and they don't even put any jelly beams on them anymore. What's up with that?

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