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November 06, 2009




Oh man, I LOVED the Electric Company. My favorite bits were the quicksand ones with Rita Moreno. I believe they have a DVD set now and I will definitely be buying them for Team Chaos when they get older.


I adored the Electric Company when I was a kid!! Did you know they have a new version? My daughter watches it and while it's amusing, it's no old school E Company.


I was a big Sesame Street fan but I kind of remember Electic Company. Another show (maybe it was just a special) I vaguely remember was some man in a bodysuit that taught you about all of the parts of the body. Don't remember the song now, but I loved it as a child.

Noisy Quiet

I really enjoyed these! Thanks for the trips down memory lane :) (And I've bookmarked your cheesecake page! Lol! Going to have to try that and some of your other recipes.)


Yeah, the Electric Company was great. My mom didn't let me watch much TV, but since it was "educational" I was allowed to watch Electric Company. Did you realized that Morgan Freeman was a regular on that show? I think he played Easy Reader.


I just watched the silent e video. It totally brought back memories. I had no idea that was Tom Lehrer. Very cool.

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